Special Steel is produced specially for mold such as plastic mold, cold work die, rubble mold, die cast and forging steel. The mold steel for plastic mold is usually classified into three kinds of: cacbon, stainless, and aluminum steels. Cacbon steels consist of S50C (1050, 1206), S55C (1055, 1740). While aluminum steels comprise of 2311 (HPM-22, P20) or 2083 (HPM-33, SF-420). Lastly, die mold are categorized to FDAC and SKD-11 (2379) or SKD-61 (2344).

Apart from molds, special steel can be used in fabricating various products such as knife spare parts, and others.

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Dear valued customers, Chau Le Special Steel Co., Ltd sends greetings of health and success to your life as well as the sustainable development of your business.

Chau Le has expertise in the field of import and distribution of special steel in the mold industry for 20 years. Chau Le Company offers to customers only the best types of steel imported from Germany, Japan, Taiwan with reliable quality for a competitive price.

In order to create a supportive relationship, help and provide information to enterprises in selecting and applying appropriate products and materials to achieve the highest economic efficiency. We, Chau Le Special Steel Company, specialize in supplying all kinds of steel according to customers’ requirements which are manufactured by advanced technology of Japan and Germany.

With quality products, reasonable price, wide variety of choices, fast service, most importantly with the enthusiastic support from our staff and dedicated skilled professionals of our company, Chau Le special steel will surely accommodate and address all your concerns regarding your business.

Currently we deal with special steel in mold making industry as follows:

Steel Plastic Mold

S45C, S50C, S55C, P20/2311, S136, 2083…thép đặc biệt

Cold Rolled Steel

SKS3/2510, SKD11/2379, DC53, SLD, SLD-MAGIC…

thép đặc biệt

Hot Rolled Steel

SKD61/2344, DAC, FDAC…

Thép đặc biệt

Steel Fabrication Machine

SCM4140, SCM440, SCM435

Thép đặc biệt

Types: Plates and Round Trees.

Processing: receive the required cut for the plate and circular or octagonal.

Milling / Milling Services – Special Steel Chau Le
In addition, the company also cut the size requirements of you both thick plates and round trees.

We hope to receive orders from you as well as long-term cooperation from both parties.
Thank you very much!


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