Mold steel is produced by careful selection of leading materials to make special steels for different types of molds. Normally, molds will be of size, complexity, and Different applications are classified into two types: steel for plastic molding and steel for dies.

Treatment method:

An economical and high-quality mold processes such as spraying, compression molding, blown or rubber will be discussed in details with the steel expert at Chau Le Mold Steel based on specific requirements and preferences of customers. Spiral molds, molds, and molds are the most important factors, and therefore the cost of molds is often calculated.

Understanding the needs and anxiety of customers, that is to find the steel to suit the needs of customers. To save money and especially time, special steel Chau Le would like to introduce you some steel samples as follows:

Criteria when choosing the right type of steel 

We have synthesized and analyzed from the needs of customers about the steel plate and round steel to give some detailed assessment on how to choose which type of steel is best:

The first is to consider each of the hardness of each steel (due to the homogeneous structure of the material-steel, the elasticity and plasticity of the steel material due to the calculations), the light weight price, by the ratio between its specific gravity and its computational intensity), plasticity, heat resistance, high or low oxidation, gloss, abrasion. Chau Le Company Steel ensures such high-standards so customers are assured that we always put your needs to the top with competitive prices.

Second, the steel must be suitable for any type of mold, it is necessary to consult with a specialist company Chau Le for more details or visit the website to see details about the products.

Which type of steel is special for making each type of mold, please contact us for more advice, the company always create the best conditions for customers not only good products but also quality, Competitive price by market, besides there are free  services of machining, grinding, turning, heat treatment.


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